Zapable Reviews 2021 – Is it a real Money Making Machine?

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A $77 billion industry and never-ending growth. If you are having a small IT company or planning to start one or you want to start as a freelancer, then this is the right Zapple product for you to start with the least coding knowledge. # Zapable Reviews 2021

Mobile Apps are now the need of any business, people are moving away from their laptops/desktops and are becoming habitual to handheld devices for any task or shopping.
Mobiles apps are proven to be more effective when it comes to lead conversion or sales. Be it, e-commerce, food delivery, consultancy, or anything, the mobile app is a need of today’s era

What is Zapple?

A platform that helps you build a mobile app in 60 seconds. With having 300+ customer reviews and 1000s of ready to use a template, it is a trustworthy and easy to start.

Building a mobile app for your business or for your client has become very easy even without having and coding skills. And why do you need one? with technology changing so fast if you start learning something which may become outdated till the time you master it. So, better let some platform/tool do it for you while you can focus on your real business. By saying this, all the control remains in your hands resulting in a high-quality mobile application with the least time and effort.


Zapable review 2021

Having a rich user interface, it is highly customizable with respect to features and design. For instance,

  • social media integration
  • e-commerce integrations
  • add coupon codes
  • loyalty cards
  • Push notifications
  • and much more

Works for all niches, be it food delivery mobile app, or real estate app, or any consultancy or e-commerce, Zapable can be customized for all.
Your App will be controlled directly through your Zapable account and you can publish changes directly to app stores.

Features – Zapable Reviews 2021

Create an App in a Zap With Zapable – Feature Rich, ‘Drag N Drop’ App Builder

Every Niche has a different set of feature requirements and design needs, Zapple has covered it all. Everything is being taken care of which results in cost-saving, time-saving, and effort-saving so that you can focus on business.


Multiple eCommerce Features To Add To Your Mobile App


Import your Shopify Store With One Mouse Click. You just need to Enter Your Store URL


Build your own Amazon Store on any niche. When someone buys a product you earn an affiliate commission.


Build Your Own iTunes Store, Ideal to share movies, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

Custom Catalog

You Can Build Out Any Store You Wish. Selling Your Own Or Other People’s Products


Increase Engagement With Digital Loyalty Cards & Coupon Codes

Perfect For Many Businesses

Restaurants, Coffee shops, Physio, Hair and Beauty Etc.

Coupon Codes

Set a coupon inside your app for a limited time e.g. “Get 10% off this product”

Fully Customise Your Promotion

set how long the discount is available for, how many items are available.


Full Social Media Integration


Connect Your Facebook™ Fanpage To Your App with a click


Integrate Your Twitter Feed To Display Your Latest Tweet To Your Users


Display Your Instagram Posts Inside Your App


Stream Your Photo Feed From Your App

Design Your App, Fully Customizable

One of the key components of using the Zapable app builder is the design module. The app design module within Zapable allows you to control the layout of your apps.

For example, you can choose to display videos, icons, and articles on the front page of your app. Or if you wish you can display products, categories, and services.

Using our revolutionary widget system, the design of your app build is literally a matter of dragging then ordering how you would like your content to look


Build Out A Directory (Perfect For Real Estate, Tourism Apps & Many More)

The Listings Page

You Can Add Videos, Images, Descriptions, Contact Details plus much more

Location Finder

Can be used for multiple locations. Find Listings Based On Your Proximity

Social interaction

Link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Integrate With These Popular Services To Grow Your Email Subscribers


Get Response


Zapable review

Quick Overview Video – Zapable Reviews 2021


Feature Details – Zapable Reviews 2021

Zapable comes full of options to assist you to build mobile apps that your customers love. That’s why in spite of what the niche of your business is, with this feature-rich package, you’re lined.

Some of the options that come back besides the Zapable package square measure listed as follows:

Ecommerce Integrations – Zapable Reviews 2021

Do you have products to sell, otherwise you are an associate affiliate merchandiser for different brands? Then you’ll integrate your store among the mobile app that you just produce victimization Zapable. you’ll import your Shopify store, build your own Amazon or iTunes store for audiobooks or podcasts, etc.

You can add the Amazon product that you just do affiliate selling for. Then, you’ll earn a commission whenever somebody buys that product. Moreover, you’ll even produce a custom catalog if you have got your own product to sell.

Digital Loyalty Cards and Coupon Codes – Zapable Reviews 2021

This feature is good to be used by physical retailers, restaurants and cafes, salons, theatres, and therefore the like. victimization Zapable, you’ll provide your audience readymade, customizable digital loyalty cards, and coupons.

Firstly, you’ll merely produce coupons and set discounts among the mobile app. Then any, it’s totally on you to determine the specifications of those coupons. for instance, up to once, the discount coupons are valid, on what percentage and that things they’ll be applicable, etc…


Social Media Integrations – Zapable Reviews 2021

One will ne’er mislead the worth of social media. If you’re coming up with ongoing digital together with your business, you can’t overlook obtaining your business on social media. With this mobile app building package, social media integrations square measure easier than ever.

Now, your users are ready to explore your social media pages right among your app. Be it Facebook Fanpage, your Instagram and Twitter feed, or your Flickr pic gallery. With Zapable you’ll import these all into your mobile app, solely with a number of clicks.

Drag and Drop Builder – Zapable Reviews 2021

Control the layout of your apps with their simple to use gizmo system. With this, you’ll opt for wherever the various components, like icons, images, etc.. seem in your mobile app.

Zapable’s distinctive style module permits you to totally customize the looks of your mobile app. If you’d sort of a bound component to be a particular method, merely drag and drop it to change the design of your mobile app.

Email selling Integrations – Zapable Reviews 2021

Want a lot of email subscribers? Then with Zapable, you’re at the proper place. This mobile app building package doesn’t simply assist you to build plain mobile apps. Zapable additionally comes with revolutionary email selling tools integrations. you’ll mix powerful services like MailChimp, Aweber, Infusion Soft, Get Response, and lots of a lot of together with your mobile app.


Other options

The Zapable package is actually full of options designed to cater to each quiet business. With this package, you’ll additionally produce a listings page, add a location finder, videos, contact details page, and do a lot of.

kimYou will even generate push notifications, let your clients book appointments build directories, and quick customer support channels. Also, you’ll produce surveys, polls, and questionnaires for your audience among the app.

Amazing stuff you will Do With Zapable

Zapable is far quite simply a mobile app builder. With its in-depth vary of options, you’ll style a stellar app for your business to require it to a consecutive level. Its extraordinary options will boost engagement, get conversions and increase sales by selling your business the proper method. however, this can be not all.

The following square measure a number of the wonderful stuff you will do with the Zapable software:

Increase user engagement. With Zapable, you’ll interact your audience in a very style of ways that. a number of these embrace surveys, loyalty cards, discount coupons, and more. Also, you’ll directly interact together with your audience through social media integrations.
Zapable’s in-house coaching guide provides tutorials to master every one of the options it offers. So, you’ll maximize the potential of each feature to style a robust app. Also, you’ll optimize your mobile app selling strategy through the optimum use of every feature.

Publish the app that you just build on to numerous app stores together with Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Zapable additionally comes with an associate inherent iOS Publisher.
Publish numerous types of content – pictures, audio, blogs, news, reviews, videos, etc.. to act together with your audience. Moreover, you’ll publish all of this right from among the app.

Sell product as an associate affiliate or as a vendor. If you’re an associate influencer or associate Amazon affiliate, integrate your affiliate product store within the mobile apps engineered victimization Zapable.
Restrict access to your app.

you’ll be able to decide World Health Organization can transfer your app and access it. Also, you’ll raise your audience to take your channel, newsletter, etc.. before they transfer your app.
Add decision to Actions. Let your customers search, book appointments, reserve a table, contact you or realize you, all via the mobile app.

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Zapable review


Review on Pricing Plans of Zapable

Zapable review 2021

The most popular Instant pro account of Zapable costs $997 per year. Now, let’s see what exactly you’ll get with this pricing plan.

  • You can build 25 apps each month
  • Select from over 20 templates and create your own background
  • It provides a full design module
  • Offers 12 content features like audio, videos, images, articles, PDFs
  • Screen splash
  • Social media integrations
  • Different user interactions like click to call, coupon cards, loyalty cards, etc
  • You can easily send unlimited push notification to your users
  • It will access new features and updates automatically
  • A complete instant account setup, your login details will be provided to your email inbox.

It offers a refund policy, so if you are not satisfied with the software, then it refunds your money within 30 days.

Zapable review



Pros & Cons of Zapable



Pros Cons
Can create coupon codes, loyalty codes Little bit expensive
Increase user interactions You have to promote your app
Generate push notifications
Can create page listings, location finder
Drag and drop app builder
Email marketing integrations
ECommerce integrations
Different social media network integrations
Easy to use
Can Build iOS & Android apps
Wide range of features

Customer Reviews on Zapable Website

Zapable Customer review

The customers of Zapable provided their experiences within a variety of reviews and explains however it generates profits for his or her businesses by exploiting this app. Most of them provided positive responses and you’ll be able to perceive however it creates impact once making an app for the business.


Conclusion – Is Zapable Worth Your Money?

Yes, it is, Zapable offers an intensive vary of options and with this, you’ll produce mobile apps for automaton, iPhone, or iPad devices as you would like. It offers numerous integrations like social media, email. eCommerce, and lots of additional.

From the combination options it offers, it’ll be straightforward to achieve the eye of the proper audiences and mechanically you’ll get leads further as conversions. Even you’ll gain additional email subscribers with this. If you’re probably to accelerate the expansion of your business, then strive Zapable computer code and make a mobile app for any automaton or Apple device currently as we all know that mobile apps area unit notable for obtaining additional conversions and sales.

Zapable review 2021

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